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Warranty & Repairs

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Need your product repaired?

If your product has become faulty after the 14-day reflection period, but is still covered by the orginal manufacturer's warranty, the manufacturer is then responsible for the repair of the product. ...

How does the repair process work?

If your product has become faulty after the 30-day reflection period and/or it is within the manufacturer's warranty (within at least 2 years), we are here to help you have it repaired and returned as quickly as possible, and of course in full working order ....

What's the repair status?

If you have requested us to manage the repair on your behalf, you can monitor the progress of the repair by going to "My Account", and then to "Account Dashboard"....

What's the warranty on my product?

All of our products come with a manufacturer's warranty as standard, which in case of fault (within the term given) enables you to have the product repaired free of charge by the offical service departement of the manufacturer....

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4 Item(s)

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