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BenQ SH915 + Gratis HDMI Kabel




DLP Technology, 4000 ANSI Lumens, Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080), Contrast ratio: 11000:1, 3000-3500 Lamp hours, 33-38dB, 3.7kg, inc Carry Bag

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BenQ SH915 + Gratis HDMI Kabel

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Productbeschrijving van de BenQ SH915 + Gratis HDMI Kabel

Brilliant Image Performance

4000 ANSI Lumens

It doesn’t matter where you are, with 4000 ANSI lumen high brightness, the BenQ SH915 will always give you the best clarity under the brightest lights! So, take advantage! Stay in control and enjoy perfect presentations and the nest interactions with your audience!

(Simulated Photos)

Full HD 1080p Magnificence

The BenQ SH915 offers the highest standard of viewing – a Full HD resolution at 1080p. It supports multiple video formats including 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p, delivering 5 times more detail than traditional 480p projectors. With Full HD, every viewing experience becomes more absorbing.

(Simulated Photos)

High Contrast Ratio

The combined expertise of BenQ’s projector know-hows delivers an astounding 11,000:1 contrast from the BenQ SH915 at the highest to significantly improve the black level for superbly rendered image definition.

  High Contrast   Low Contrast  

Independent 3D Color Management for Six Primary Colors

BenQ’s exclusive 3D color management tool ensures 100% uncompromised color customization with the freedom to independently fine-tune the hue, grain and saturation levels of all six primary colors (R/G/B/C/M/Y).

Red Saturation

Original Color
(Simulated photos)

DLP Long Lasting Color

BenQ SH915 is built with latest DLP® technology to support 3D functionality, allowing schools, corporates and institutions to bring an immersive learning experience to their students and audiences with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content from your blu-ray player.

Diversified Options for Control, Manage and Display

LAN Control Centralized Projector Management

LAN Control enables IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively – offering them full access and control over every projector directly from their workstations. The BenQ SH915 offers seamless support for the Crestron and PJ-Link Control system.

Upper Lamp Door for Easy Lamp Access

The upper lamp door is designed for IT managers to replace the projector lamp safely and quickly. should the projector lamp go out in the middle of the class, it can be replaced without delaying the class.

Big Zoom for Extra Projector Installation Flexibility

The BenQ SH915's 1.5x big zoom feature opens up space with an impressively wide range of throw distances. All you have to do is simply place the new projector right where your original ceiling mount is. Without adding projector setting re-construction costs to your budget list, you’ll get to save the money for better use.

Quick Installation

With Quick Intall hotkey on the remote control of the BenQ SH915, installer can quickly acces to installation related functions in the OSD menu.


Power Saving, Eco Friendly

Saving More on Power Consumption with BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology

Offering lower TCO and optimized projection through dynamic power saving, uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life –SmartEcoTechnology has perfected what a DLP projector can do. With this innovation, schools and corporates are able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs through dynamic power saving features while bringing an ultra-vivid viewing experience into every presentation with the BenQ SH915.

BenQ DLP® Projectors︱ Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Timeless Image Quality:

BenQ DLP Projectors like the BenQ SH915 are built with enduring enjoyment in mind, ensuring razor-sharp clarity, ultra-readability and true-to-life color for years to come. We use leading-edge DLP Technology to reflect pure light from millions of micro mirrors on a DMD chip through our advanced color wheels. Since the mirrors are colorless and protected within a nearly-sealed engine, BenQ DLP Projectors like the BenQ SH915 have no aging problems and are virtually immune to image decay, consistently delivering picture excellence time and time again. In fact, after 2,000 hours of intense usage, inserting a new bulb produces image quality comparable to a brand-new projector.


Non-DLP Projector


Original Color

After 2000 Hours of Use

After New Lamp Installed


BenQ DLP Projector


Original Color

After 2000 Hours of Use

After New Lamp Installed


DLP Technology also affords a filter-free engine design for carefree confidence in long-lasting image quality and reduced total cost of ownership. BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology further boosts contrast performance and image quality endurance while saving up to 70% on lamp power consumption.

Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability:

Enabling a 96% fill factor, DLP Technology supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thereby eliminating the thick dark bezels around individual pixels, which diminish color and detail. A higher fill factor and less black border translate to noticeably purer, more intense color and smoother image quality from the BenQ SH915.

BenQ DLP Projectors also feature high contrast ratios for flawless rendering of small text, fine lines, and dark scene details. Blacks are deeper and overall image quality is more focused and clean. Your presentations will be easily readable and highly effective, even from the back row of a well-lit venue, using the BenQ SH915.


Non-DLP Projector


BenQ DLP Projector


Vibrant, True-to-Life Colors:

Even in lit venues, BenQ DLP Projectors like the BenQ SH915 achieve the optimal balance of brightness and color accuracy, with BrilliantColor™ Technology additionally boosting true-to-life colors that captivate. BrilliantColor enables up to six-color processing by incorporating the secondary colors Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta along with primary Red, Blue, and Green. From intense hues to elusive mid-tones like aqua blues and light yellows, your every presentation is rendered in pure, living splendor.


Non-DLP Projector


BenQ DLP Projector


(All photos portraying projection scenarios are simulated.)

ecoFACTS Label

ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!

Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

Arsenic-free optical glass

BFR/PVC-free casing plastics

PVC-free plastic packaging

Projection System DLP
Native Resolution 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Brightness* 4,000 ANSI Lumen
Contrast Ratio 11,000:1
Display Color 1.07 Billion Colors
Lens F= 2.42 - 2.97, f= 20.7 - 31.05 mm
Aspect Ratio Native 16:9 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Throw Ratio 1.398 - 2.09
Image Size (Diagonal) 26" - 300"
Zoom Ratio

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